Dates & Times

Dates & Times

How to Say Dates & Times

For best results:

  • Use ordinal numbers for dates (for example: "October first twenty fifteen", "December tenth two thousand sixteen", "March fifteenth nineteen seventy three") for Month name-Day-Year format.
  • Say AM and PM when dictating time.

Say this...

To display this...

May twenty-third two thousand eighteen

May twenty-third twenty eighteen

May 23, 2018

five twenty-three twenty eighteen

five slash twenty-three slash two thousand eighteen


five dash twenty-three dash two thousand eighteen


two p m

2 p.m.

ten thirty a m

10:30 a.m.

between two p m and five p m

Between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

zero eight hundred hours

oh eight hundred hours

0800 hours

zero zero twenty two hours

zero zero two two hours

Saying "oh oh" can cause recognition issues.
These utterances can blend together, causing the dictation server to hear only one "oh".  Best results are achieved by saying "zero zero".
0022 hours

fourteen thirty three hours

fourteen three three hours

one four three three hours

1433 hours


zero six fourteen hours

oh six fourteen hours

zero six one four hours

oh six one four hours

0614 hours
Patient was seen at zero zero thirty six hoursPatient was seen at 0036 hours
Patient was completely dilated at one eight five zero hoursPatient was completely dilated at 1850 hours