Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

To use Talkingvet over a Microsoft Remote Desktop \ RDP session check the following settings:

Make sure Talkingvet is build or higher

Check your RDP Connection Properties:

1. Right click on the remote desktop shortcut, select EDIT.

2. Click on the ‘Local Resources’ tab.  If you do not see multiple tabs to click on you may need to click ‘show options’ in the lower left corner.

3. On the local resources tab under keyboard, change the drop down to ‘On this computer’

4. Also ensure that "Clipboard" is checked at the very bottom under "Local devices and resources"

5. Switch back to the General tab and click SAVE.

*NOTE* The new settings will not take effect until the next server logon.   If you currently have the remote desktop session open to the server, it needs to be closed and reopened.

Click the video below to enlarge

If Talkingvet is only sending a letter V or a blank line when dictating over a remote desktop session try the following:

Click on the dog\heart logo in the bottom right of the Talkingvet window.  Click Settings – Advanced.

Change the Text Transfer Mode to "Transfer Mode 3"  then click Save and try again.  

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